Saturday, June 30, 2007

Three for Three (a brag)

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So I committed to going to the Y 3 times this past week and succeeded in accomplishing that goal. This morning it actually started to feel good to work out. Got the runner's high goin' on the treadmill and the muscles are remembering how to work the resistance machines. First time back I was sore as hell - and a bit discouraged. Today I feel...strengthened. What a concept.

Quick story that somehow relates to this: I was shopping with my smart as a whip daughter Hannah a few days ago. We were examining the tacos (have to buy the exactly correct ones, you know) and one of the packages read "Flex before opening". So I immediately did my best Hulk Hogan "grrrrrr" full body flex, much to the amusement of Hannah (and probably a couple of startled fellow shoppers). Still don't know exactly what the taco bakers had in mind...